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19 / 20/ 21  MaY 2022 - Maison de quartier Malibran


For this fourth edition, EKHO presents a large exhibition of contemporary violin making during the semi-finals of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, cello session.

The exhibition is bringing together the violins, violas, cellos and bows of some fifty makers from all over Europe and America.

In order to foster links between craftsmen and musicians, all these instruments and bows will be freely available for testing and comparison.

This year, Ekho wanted to put the spotlight on the productions of talented women luthiers and bow makers. A special feature of EKHO#4 will be the participation of two women with international reputations in their respective fields, the cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton and violin-maker Andrea Frandsen, whose active and inspiring involvement will further our understanding of the role of women in music and instrument-making and how it has evolved over the centuries.


19/05 (09:00 -  5:00 PM)

20/05 (09:00 -  6:00 PM)

21/05 (09:00 -  5:00 PM)

PRICE : free admission

WHERE: Maison de quartier Malibran: 10 rue de la Digue - 1050 Bruxelles (next to Flagey)

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With the support of:



ALBER Friedrich

Avila Itzel

Bettler Lison

Bertrand Thomas

Bonten Benoit

Bourel Fany

Breton Alexandre

Catalan Appoline

Cauche Antoine

Crabbé Emilio

Dederer Ulricke

Delaporte Savine

Denis François

Descloux Yves

Dewit Valentine

Dolibeau Camille

Frandsen Andrea

Fraval Tanguy


Gassin Anais

Gord Louis

Grohmann Anne Diana

Gruszow  Mira & Baumblatt Gideon

Janssens Catherine


Lamotte Pierre

Lourme Eric

Mahu Philippe

Noulet Paul

Pezet Berton Virginie & Guillard Aymeric

Prochasson Jean-louis

Quaranta Ada

Roy Viateur

Somers Anton

Strick Jan

Van Bosterhaut Joanne



Bégin Emmanuel

Bernard Victor

Bodart Doriane

Carlier Emmanuel

Chastagnol Marie

De Bakker Rebekka

De Lartigue Clémence

Emmelin Blaise

Flemming Niall

Hassoun Daoudi

Louis Katia

Martinie Lucie

Masson Sylvie

Mortier Julien

Nehr Pierre

Pasquier Gabriel

Tanguy Jean-Yves

Tomachot Joséphine

Wilson Dominic

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